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Welcome To Limitless Lead System Giving Program!

Here at Limitless Lead System ( part of Limitless Success Systems, LLC), we strongly believe that True & Limitless Success Is When A Part Of The World Is Now A Better Place Because Of What You've Done For Others, What You've Taught, And The Difference You've Made Without Expecting A Return Or Recognition.  We've created the Limitless Lead System Giving Program as a non profit portion of our company for the sole purpose of making a difference  for  a couple of different causes.

At LLS, we are committed to not only making a difference in your life by helping you succeed in your life through the online marketing business, with the opportunity, training and system that we offer here at LLS, but we're committed to making a difference by helping those that truly can't help themselves.  There are many causes that have major needs but we are committed to making a difference to a couple of areas of need.

Unfortunately those that are most helpless and have minimal control of their situations are children.  So many children of this world suffer and they're not capable of changing their situation.  We've decided to support areas of need where children are the victims.  In addition we've also decided to always provide assistance, not only financially but through influence and network  in times of natural disasters.  As we build a network of home based business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers around the world, at times of natural disasters, we can also be a network of volunteers to make a difference for those in need.

Part of the funds that will help provide for these causes will be coming directly from our Affiliate Hosting Fee-  For every Paid Affiliate Hosting $1 every month will be provided for the Foundation. So imagine, once we have 10,000 affiliates, that's $10,000 a month going to the foundation. Imagine once we have 100,000 affiliates, that will create 100,000 a month of funds towards the foundation.  Believe it or not, we can feed 6 kids one meal for as little as $1.32, so imagine how many kids we can feed, as a network. At merely 10,000 affiliates, that's almost 50,000 meals we can provide every month.  In addition, we, the executive staff of LLS, will be building an affiliate position at maximum level for the sole purpose of providing additional funding for the foundation. 100% of commissions made from that particular position will be donated to the Foundation.  Every so often we'll also do promotions and relief drives, especially during the holiday. So imagine the impact we can make around the world.  Join us in making a difference to this world with Limitless Lead System.

 Feed Starving Children Around The World.  66 million primary school-age children attend classes hungry across the developing world, with 23 million in Africa alone. Poor nutrition causes nearly half (45%) of deaths in children under five - 3.1 million children each year. One of the organizations we support is  Feed My Starving Children.
Foster kids, Homeless kids and Orphans are also ones that are affected even in the US. Usually lack of education, clothing, food, shelter affect these children.   Some end up on the streets with no food or shelter. To help fee people in the US, we support Feeding America!
 Human Trafficking is basically 21st century slavery.  There are more slaves today than ever before and it's become an over $32,000,000,000 (billion) illegal business revenue.  Human Trafficking involves children of all ages being forced into labor for little to no pay.  These can be in the sex industry or even factories forcing children and women of all ages being forced into doing undesirable and illegal work. Watch this video HERE for information on how big this problem is. We support who is doing great work for putting awareness about Human trafficking and helping save victims and helping the survivors to restore their lives!
 Natural Disasters around the world happens every year.  Some can be so devastating  that people lose homes, cars and whole family. When these unexpected events happen, we need to pull together and help these victims out. As we build a network of members around the world, not only can we make a difference financially but even as volunteers at time of need. We support Red Cross and also use Charity Navigator to determine which organizations to support with our Limitless Giving Program