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As a Premium Member of Limitless Lead System, you can add an additional stream of income without putting additional effort.  You will earn set commission amount based on membership subscriptions you refer to Limitless Lead System. This is based on the Limitless Leveraged Income Acceleration with Reverse 2Up Compensation Plan. As a Premium Subscriber of Limitless Lead System as a Basic, Pro, or Founders Lifetime Pro members, you are automatically enrolled as an affiliate without additional costs You will be paid on membership that are at your level and below.  A Basic Member will be paid on Basic Memberships sold. A Pro Member will be paid on Basic Membership and Pro Memberships sold.  A Founder's Lifetime Pro Member will be paid on Basic, Pro and Founders Lifetime Pro Memberships.

Being an LLS Member allows you to build your own business with our simple marketing system but it allows you to add another stream of income.  With our innovative Limitless Leveraged Income Accelerator, you can earn consistent recurring subscription income paid directly to your account.  With innovative unique marketing and lead generating systems not available anywhere else, you can earn one time and recurring commissions and start making money as quickly as today.  By promoting an incredible tool such as the limitless lead system, the income possibilities are limitless.  All you have to do is give away a FREE System and with our videos, we encourage them to upgrade as they are signing up or once they're in the member's area

We currently have 4 levels of membership. Commissions are paid directly as Referring Affiliate Fees. So payments for memberships are split up in 2 separate payments, first admin payment then referring affiliate payments.
1) First is a FREE membership, which does not qualify for commissions until they upgraded to a Basic, Pro  or Pro Lifetime Membership
2) Basic Membership - $29.95 one time, you earn $15 Referral Fee paid directly to you.
(Pre-launch Special Admin Fee Discounts-$24.95/One Time Pay $9.95/Admin +  $15.00/Affiliate)

3) Pro membership subscription is $49.95 and you earn $25/mo recurring Referring Affiliate Fee on autopilot.
  (Pre-launch Special Admin Fee Discount - $39.95/ Monthly $14.95/Mo Admin +  $25.00/Mo Affiliate)
4) Pro Lifetime Membership for $599.95 One Time and you earn $300 Commission
(Pre-launch Admin Fee Discount -$399.95/ One Time $99.95/Admin +$300.00/Affiliate)

The commission is based on a Reverse 2UP leveraged compensation plan

Reverse 2-UP Compensation Plan


Every member must pass up the second and fourth membership sale they refer to their sponsor.
Exa: Member John refers members 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 in that order.
1 is kept by John. 2 is passed up to John's sponsor.
3 is kept by John. 4 is passed up to John's sponsor.
5 is kept by John and members that sign up after the 5th membership sale is also kept by John.

But first here's an Income Disclaimer:

 Limitless Lead System (LLS) offers high-level educational products and an automated marketing system for offline and online marketers.  LLS also offers an affiliate reseller program that allows affiliates to receive commissions/referral fees on the sale of products and marketing system subscription

Income figures we’re sharing with you are just for ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY!!  Examples used should not be viewed as a guarantee of income.  Incomes achieved will vary by individual based on how hard they work, how effective they are and how consistent they put the effort in. The income or financial examples given are in no way meant as a representation of actual or possible earnings, nor are they meant as an inducement, promise, guarantee or prediction of income of any kind.  I don’t know you.  I have no idea how much money you’ll make or if you’ll make any money at all.  I’m not promising, predicting, implying or even hinting that you’ll make a dime.  Every business or marketing venture involves some degree of risk.  It’s up to you to decide what’s right for you. 

So as an example we'll use the $25 commission from a Pro Membership
Let's say you sponsored 4 people and generate a $25 Recurring Referral Fee
Well you have to pass up your 2nd and 4th sale to a qualified referring affiliate above you
You get to keep or 1st and 3rd sale. That's 2 x $25/mo = $50/month, you now break even

Then those 2 members will pass 2 members up to you so that equals 4 x $25 = $100/month

Then those 4 members will pass 2 members up to you so that = 8 x $25 = $200/month

Then those 8 members pass 2 members up to you so that equals 16 x 25 = $400/month  If you add all that, its a total of $750/month
Now you can imagine how lucrative this compensation plan can be if you keep going. There's no limit on how deep you can receive a pass up payment from. Remember this example was only based on you signing up 4 personal membership. What if you sponsor 4 personal membership a week or day 1 to 3 months.... which can potentially be possible with just giving away a FREE Trial membership to a low-cost marketing system.