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Welcome To Our Limitless Affiliate Partner Program!

Limitless Lead System (LLS) Compensation Plan:

LLS compensation plan is very lucrative.  We have 4 levels of memberships.  A member has to be a premium member to qualify to earn commissions.  Commissions earned are from sale of the same level of membership they have and below.  LSS pays a 50% commission based on a very lucrative Reverse 2-up Compensation Plan (further explanation below).

FREE membership – Do not qualify to earn commission on any of the LLS premium memberships

Basic Membership - $19.95 per month. A basic member can earn $10/month on Basic Membership sale, with exception of your 2nd and 4th sale (see reverse 2-up compensation plan explanation below), which are passed up to qualified referring affiliate.

Pro Membership - $49.95 per month.  A pro member can earn $25/month on Pro Membership sale with exception of your 2nd and 4th Pro Membership sale, which are passed up to qualified referring affiliate.  You also earn $10/month on Basic Membership sale, but you would not have to ever pass up any Basic Membership sale to your sponsor. but you can receive pass ups from your Pro and Basic members.

Founders Pro Lifetime Membership - $999.95 one-time payment.  A Founders member can earn on Founders Pro Lifetime Membership sale with exception of your 2nd and 4th Founders Pro Lifetime Membership sale, which are passed up to qualified referring affiliate.  You also earn $25/month on Pro Membership and $10/month of Basic Membership.  You don’t have to pass up any Pro or Basic Membership sales, but you can receive pass ups from your Founders, Pro and Basic members.

Reverse 2 UP Compensation Plan:


The Reverse 2 Up affiliate compensation plan is a simple yet very lucrative way to earn income that exponentially grows. It’s like a hybrid between a typical one level affiliate commission structure and a multi-level compensation plan where your income can grow exponentially with the help of SOME of the members below you, but you don’t make money on everyone’s effort below you. Unlike straight 1 level commission where all your income will only be based on your effort but also with a bit of effort from other marketers who utilizes Limitless Lead System (LLS) to generate leads and sales for premium membership with LLS.  For an example, to earn $5,000 a month, you would need to generate 200 sales of Pro membership on your own.  But also, also unlike a typical multi-level in which the commission is broken down to so many levels and bonuses, it can get very confusing and also they would need to take the same commission amount and break it up into numerous amounts to meet the compensation plan. For an example is if the commissionable amount is $25, in a 10-level commission structure, you would have to break the $25 in 10 different amounts that equate to $25, so to access the whole $25 you would need to reach up to those 10 levels before you earn the full amount. 


Pass-Up System

See the image above.  Every member must pass up their 2nd and 4th sale/affiliate they refer to their qualified referring affiliate sponsor.  Example in the picture above: Member John refers members 1, 2,3,4,5 and 6 in that order.  1 is kept by John. 2 is passed to John’s Sponsor. 3 is kept by John. 4 is passed up to John’s sponsor. Now John is fully qualified, now he gets to keep sale #5 and any sales & sign ups from there on.  Now since the product we sell is a marketing system that members will utilize for their business and also have the ability to earn income with. The sales that you keep, 1,3,5 to infinity, will pass up their 2nd and 4th sale up to you. They now become part of your payline.  Then those 2 pass up sales now become your personally sponsored affiliate also which means they will pass up their 2nd and 4th sale up to you. And this can keep going for as long as members you get as personal sales and pass ups generate their 4 sales.


The Pass-over System

The pass-over system adds another way Limitless Lead System increases your ability to earn income.  Members only earns commission on the sale of the memberships level that they are a member of.  A Basic Member only earns from the sale of Basic Membership.  The Pro earns commissions on Pro memberships and Basic Membership sales. Founders earns commission on all three premium memberships. For an Example: If a Pro starts sharing his affiliate link for the sales page for LLS, and if a prospect signs up for a Founders Pro Membership, the commission and affiliate member will be passed up to his qualified Founders Pro upline, and the pro receives no commissions.  Same goes regarding lower levels like Basic Members will not receive commission on Pro and Founders Pro membership sign ups.  With this concept as a Founders Pro member can have an army of Pro, Basic and Free members generating a leads and sales for you as a Founders Pro.


True Passive Residual Cash Flow With Big Ticket Commission Opportunities.

With Limitless Lead Systems compensation plan design, affiliates have opportunities to create a true residual passive income from monthly memberships and as a Founders Pro Lifetime membership, also have an opportunity to earn big ticket commissions of up to $500 per sale.  Here are some main reasons why Limitless Lead System can truly create a true residual passive income for affiliates:

>>>Since the product is a much-needed valuable software that can be used to promote any business or product, plus the tools required to build a list, communicate to the list and offer training to build credibility with the list plus an exclusive leads multiplier system, this is a MUST HAVE system for a marketer to have. The only ever reason a member would cancel it is if they are not marketing anymore and they did not generate affiliate sales due to lack of effort.

>>>It only takes 3 sales, including one of the sales being passed up, for a member to break even on the cost of their membership. With in the 3 sales the system no longer is costing them money

>>>The low cost of the system is hard to beat. To have access to all the tools and training that a Pro membership offers, most people would need to pay over $97+/month for the same system

>>>The compensation plan is so lucrative that once you build a foundation and continually invest in some traffic with your profits from the system, your income not only passive but it can progressively and exponentially grow.

For current affiliate or network marketers, our affiliate program offers an incredible opportunity to generate an additional stream of income without requiring any additional work as build your list and generate for visitors and sales for your primary business.

For those brand new or looking to build a passive income online, our affiliate program compensation, our pricing, our product, our training is bar none is one of the best and simplest ways to build a passive income.  We have everything you will ever need to generate income from ANY OPPORTUNITY OR PRODUCT online today or in the future.

If you haven't taken advantage of it yet, register for your FREE Account right now then UPGRADE to one of our Premium Membership.  We are currently offering a one time special pricing with Limitless Lead System, make sure you don't forget it.!